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What is PWYW ?

The first website of it's kind , where you can pay a price  for a product  that you think it's worth. Pay What You Want is a payment system where the client decides how much the product is worth. If you are happy, you can pay a lot, but if you are not, you can pay less. A minimum price may be set, but customers enjoy the freedom to decide , from a paltry sum to a serious amount of money.



  • We are curious , how customers value our products. Without beating around the bush and pressure from predetermined price list.
  • We like the Freedom , that we can give to our customers.
  • We do not believe in conventional style of doing business, we like to be innovative and that's what we are doing now. 

How it Works ?

  • Register on our website with a valid email id.

  • Each day you get to pick "one" product , and tell us What you would like to pay 💲 for it that day ☀️ ,Via the chat 💬 window on our website. 

  • If it's your lucky day 🍀 , you could get up to 80% OFF on the already ongoing site wide sale.

  • We will let you know with in minutes ⏲️, if we can honor your offer or will politely decline.

  • If your offer is accepted 👏, we will give you a "onetime" Code to use at the checkout  🛒 to get your favorite product. This  code will be valid for 10 mins. ⏲️.

  • Don't get disappointed 😞 if we  decline, because just to make things more interesting we give you 3 chances every day.  

  • Still got questions ? Send us an email at contact@fashionho.com . 

If you love the concept , don't forget to share this with a friend or two.   Happy shopping !!

*Fashionho reserves the right to Accept or Deny the offer it's customers make for any products listed on www.fashionho.com. Fashionho also reserves the right to discontinue this offer at anytime.